Unblock Blocked Sites, Social Media, YouTube in Iran

Internet users located in Iran face a lot of difficulties when accessing the various website on the Internet because the government policies have implemented one of the most strictest Internet censorship systems in the world. And along with many websites that are censored in the region, YouTube is one of them.

According to the past research and speculations, Iran has blocked more than 40 percent of the websites due to various reasons and most of these censored websites belong to different categories including health, shopping, sports, technology, and major social media networks.

Anyways, if your next destination is Iran and you are worried about strict Internet censorship laws that might affect your Internet presence during your stay in the region then you have come to right place. As we have a list of some of the easiest to use Internet proxies and VPN services that will enable you to unblock YouTube in Iran.


Unblock YouTube In Iran

Here are the methods and utilities that you can use to bypass Internet censorship and unblock YouTube in Iran.


Method #01 – TunnelBear VPN

Ever heard about TunnelBear VPN? If no, then it will be the easiest VPN software you are ever going to use. It does not require any configuration and makes it simpler for you manage your privacy online.

TunnelBear VPN is a widespread software which is being widely used by over eight million users without any issue. And just like any other VPN, it ensures that you will be able to hide your real Internet identity and browse blocked websites as well as to unblock YouTube in Iran.

TunnelBear is compatible with all the major computer operating systems, mobile OS, and web browsers. All you really need to do is download and install TunnelBear VPN on your choice of the device using the download link given below, create a free account, and you will be able to stream YouTube videos in Iran.

Download TunnelBear VPN


Method #02 – Touch VPN

As the name suggests, Touch VPN was specifically designed to ease user access to the VPN service with just a simple tap on the screen or a touch of a button.

The easy to use and brilliantly designed interface makes it straightforward for you to protect your privacy on the Internet while at the same time unblock YouTube or any other website/online service that has been blocked by your country’s Internet service provider.

Since it is available for mobile phone devices too, so you can use Touch VPN to unblock YouTube in Iran while on the go or use it to unblock other social media services like Skype, Twitter, and Facebook regardless of the country you are located in.

You can download Touch VPN program using the download link given below for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows as well as Google Chrome web browser.

Download Touch VPN


Method #03 – Betternet

Betternet is free of cost VPN service that is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers.

Betternet is by far one of the highly trusted VPN service providers that can change your IP address to one of the server location you have selected from the provided list, which in turn unblocks the content/website you are trying to access.

Usage of Betternet VPN service does not require you to register and shows zero advertisements so that you can fully concentrate on the content you are watching, whether it is on YouTube, Facebook, or any other website that has been blocked by your country’s Internet censorship regulators.

You can download Betternet VPN for your choice of platform or device using the download link given below.

Download Betternet VPN

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