Unblock Blocked Sites & Services in Tajikistan Easily

Tajikistan is one of those countries where the Internet users have experienced blockage of various websites and online services due to their stringent censorship laws imposed by the government, political groups as well as the telecommunication authority.

YouTube is one of the soft targets that are present in the list of frequently censored websites due to its freedom of speech nature.

Moreover, recently the Tajikistani government has established an agency in an effort to get a firm hold on the inflow and outflow of the data and information through the Internet, whether the traffic is generated from the mobile phones or computer systems. And this is exactly what takes away the Internet freedom for the citizens of Tajikistan.


Unblock YouTube In Tajikistan

In order to get back your Internet freedom and to help the citizens of Tajikistan to unblock YouTube and other blocked websites in the country, there is large number of VPNs, software, proxies, and applications but we have found some methods that will help you in getting past the restrictions.


Method #01 – Lantern

The lantern is an open source that uses a peer to peer network connectivity in an attempt to deliver you with fast and secure access to the Internet without any restrictions or censorship of any kind.

Since Lantern is an open source application and provides encryption to protect your privacy while using the Internet, which makes it one of the most well-recognized and reliable options among the users of VPN applications.

The lantern is available for Windows based desktop computers in a form of installable application as well as for Android devices so that users can unblock websites and other blocked Internet services on their mobiles devices too.

You can download Lantern for your choice of platform from the download link below to unblock YouTube in Tajikistan.

Download Lantern


Method #02 – Tor

Tor is one of those projects that has been specifically designed to protect the anonymity of the Internet user and can be used to defend yourself against the traffic and data analysis that is usually performed by the Internet service providers or the Internet regulators of the country.

To serve its users well, to spoof the real identity and to hide your physical location from the website you are visiting, Tor make use of their hi-tech distributed network of relays.

Tor comes bundled with a Mozilla Firefox web browser so that you can make sure that the any website you are going to visit using this browser will be unblocked and there won’t be any restriction. You will be able to unblock YouTube in Tajikistan and stream your favourite video content.

Download Tor Browser Bundle


Method #03 – Web Proxies

Web proxy acts as a distributer between you and the blocked website you are trying to access, and this is how it manages to unblock the content.

Web proxies are of various types and not all the proxies will allow you to watch or stream YouTube videos. However, to help you in narrow down your hunt for working web proxies, we have listed some trustworthy web proxies that unblocks YouTube in Tajikistan and provides support for video streaming without any limitation on the speeds and bandwidth.

All of these supports video streaming and provides SSL encryption to protect your privacy. You can use any of the above listed web proxies to unblock YouTube whether it has been blocked by your office network administrator, ISP, or the government.

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