Here is How you can unblock YouTube & other Blocked Sites

YouTube was founded by Google in 2005 and since then, due to its freedom of speech and ease of accessibility, it has gained a lot of attention from people all around the world. And this is the same reason why YouTube remains on the hit list of the most of the country’s Internet watchdogs and is blocked whenever there is any sensitive or unwanted content is published.

YouTube is just like a social media platform that has provided billions and billions of people with almost unlimited stream-able video-based content while at the same time giving all of them a medium to freely connect with each other, regardless of the borders that are physically separating them.

Despite all those distracting content that might affect the productivity of the employee and the damaging points that might create a conflict between the two regions in the vision of the regulators, still, there are quite a number of positives and informative content being published on the YouTube every day for its audience.

And this is the same reason why the majority of the users are in search for a way to unblock YouTube and watch their favorite content. Here we have outlined some of the working methods that will allow you to unblock YouTube whether you are in office, home, or any other locality where YouTube is banned or blocked.


Ways To Unblock YouTube


#01 – Proxy Websites

Proxy websites work as a distributor between you and the YouTube and modify your location in order to serve you with the blocked content without any requirements or prerequisites from your side.

All you really need to do is visit any YouTube compatible proxy website, enter the video URL in the provided box on the website and hit enter. And then in no time, you will be enjoying the YouTube video without any difficulty.

Here are some of the free proxy websites that support video streaming and will allow you to unblock YouTube. Remember, all you have to do is open the below-mentioned proxy website and paste the YouTube video URL.

  • Zalmos – Zalmos is free of cost, high quality, and widespread YouTube unblock web proxy that provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Not only you can use this web proxy on your computer to unblock YouTube, it is compatible with all the major mobile and tablet devices too including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone so that you can unblock YouTube. It does not matter where in the world you are, Zalmos will help you in enjoying your favorite YouTube videos.
  • Unblock YouTube – Unblock YouTube is another powerful YouTube unblocker web proxy that grants you an uninterrupted access to the YouTube at unparalleled speeds with almost zero down time. The servers of this web proxy are located in Europe and are fully compatible to unblock YouTube videos, no matter from where you are trying to access the website!
  • ProxFree For YouTube – ProxFree is an absolutely free proxy website that enables you to bypass the restrictions imposed on YouTube by your network administrator or Internet Service Provider and easily unblock YouTube in your country or region. ProxFree is a popular website proxy that allows you to unblock any website on the Internet.

#02 – Proxy And VPN Applications

Apart from website based proxies, there are some reliable proxy applications and VPN applications that will enable you to unblock YouTube without any hassle and that too for free or may be a minimal price!

These applications are compatible with most platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS so that you can seamlessly unblock YouTube without worrying about the platform on which you want to unblock YouTube videos.

Now without any further argument, listed below are the few proxy and VPN applications you can use to unblock YouTube.

  • OpenVPN (Private Tunnel) – Private Tunnel is an application developed by the team behind OpenVPN and provides similar Internet security and accessibility while at the same time keeping your identity anonymous and preventing you from any form of cyber threats. It does not matter where you are trying to connect to the Internet, Private Tunnel will make sure to secure and protect your Internet access on the go. Even though it is a paid VPN service, but you can get about 2GB of bandwidth for signing up and can earn more by referring to your friends.
  • Tor – Tor is one of the most reliable Onion Router based proxy application that has gained a lot of popularity and attention lately among the Internet users. It is an absolutely free software that makes use of an open network in order to help its users to defend against website censorship, in our case we will be using it to unblock YouTube. However, it is precisely designed and supported by the users who are concerned about their anonymity and privacy while using the Internet. This software comes bundled with a preconfigured Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Lantern – Lantern is another free peer-to-peer based Internet anonymity software that promises to deliver unfiltered, reliable, secure and fast access to the Internet for any user. The lantern has several servers located around the world that will be selected automatically to serve you with the fastest and the closest route to unblock YouTube access. Similar to Tor, Lantern is also an open source application which makes it more transparent than any other application. Moreover, all the traffic directed via Lantern is encrypted before routing you to another website.
  • TunnelBear – TunnelBear is a well-recognized VPN software to unblock YouTube as well as to browse the Internet anonymously. Their servers are located in the United States and the United Kingdom which makes it even better to access websites and content that are blocked or geo restricted. It is an all-in-one VPN application that provides you performance, privacy, and encryption without compromising on the quality of service. Since it is a freemium application, the TunnelBear’s free ‘Little’ package will give you 500MB of free bandwidth every month.


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