The Best Way To Unblock YouTube Anywhere In The World

YouTube is one of the most popular and commonly used video-sharing websites on the Internet. Because it allows anyone to share their opinion or theory on any topic with the world in a form of video, various Internet censorship laws and regulations has been formed by governments in order to regulate the content available on the website by completely blocking it within their region.

However, no matter what type of blocking technique is being implemented by your country’s Internet service providers to block the website in the region, you can still access YouTube as well as all the blocked content through various easy-to-use methods like proxy servers, VPN service, YouTube unblockers, open source software, web browser extensions and other similar approaches.

Depending on your circumstances, the region you are living in and the area from where you are trying to access the YouTube content, there isn’t any specific technique that applies to everyone to unblock YouTube in your country. But you can give a try to each method outlined in the next section and see what works best for you.


Unblock YouTube Anywhere In The World


#01 – Tor Browser Bundle

Tor, developed by Tor Project, is an open source anonymity software and is one of the most popular software that allows you to maintain your anonymity on the Internet and access any website anonymously.

Primarily, Tor is known as The Onion Router because it uses an onion routing technique to hide all the information related to the user activity. And this is the same reason why it allows you to access any blocked website or content including YouTube.

Tor browser bundle, as the name suggests, is actually a bundle created by the developers of Tor that includes preconfigured Firefox web browser to keep your anonymity intact while you are surfing the Internet. So all you need to do is use the provided Firefox web browser in the bundle and you will be able to unblock YouTube anywhere in the world.

Tor is the best method to unblock YouTube whether you are in home, office, or visiting any other country where YouTube is blocked.

Download Tor Browser Bundle


#02 – VPN Service

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is designed in such a way that it allows you to encrypt your data packets while at the same time hides your identity on the Internet by masking your IP address.

If you search for VPN services on the Internet, you will come across both paid as well as free VPNs. The key difference between the two is that the free VPNs will provide you a limited bandwidth and significantly slow YouTube content loading experience whereas the paid VPNs will let you watch YouTube content at almost the same speeds at your ISP is providing.

The selection of VPN service depends exclusively on your needs and requirements. However, if you want to unblock YouTube and want to gain a seamless connectivity then it is recommended to opt for a premium VPN service because they are much more reliable as compared to the free ones.

Moreover, VPNs are not only limited to your computer. You can specifically configure your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, or Android to make use of VPN and surf Internet and stream YouTube videos anonymously while on the go.


#03 – Proxy Server

Just like any other techniques mentioned in the previous sections, proxy server also works in a similar manner, it hides your actual IP address with the one of its own. This way, all your Internet data request will be first sent to the proxy server and then the proxy server will fetch you the requested information.

This makes proxy server another great method to unblock YouTube.

Proxy servers are of two types, web proxy and IP proxy. The web proxy is a website-based proxy with a box where you can enter a website URL of any blocked YouTube video. While on the other hand, IP proxies requires a little bit of setup on your computer and you need to enter the details supplied by the IP proxy service provider in your computer’s network settings.

Similar to VPN servers, proxy servers are available in two forms free proxy servers and paid proxy servers. Paid proxy servers are more trustworthy, conceal your identity and will allow you to unblock YouTube without any issue. Whereas the free proxy server might not be able to serve the purpose well but you will still be able to unblock YouTube and access the video content.


#04 – Freegate

Freegate, a program developed by Dynamic Internet Technology, is a proxy-based computer application rather than a usual website based interface provided by proxy websites. This simple client-side program allows you to divert all of your Internet traffic and data requests through Freegate proxy servers while at the same time unblocking YouTube and letting you stream blocked YouTube content.

What’s different in Freegate is that it provides you with over three different connection modes to simplify your YouTube unblocking or any other website unblocking requirements. It gives you an ability to create a customized list of websites that you want to access through Freegate proxy client.

Download Freegate


#05 – Web Browser Extensions

Yes, VPN programs designed in a form of web browser extensions can also be used to unblock YouTube or get past any Internet censorship in your country. And these extensions are a lot easier to download, install, and setup as compared to any other option previously discussed here.

For those users who don’t have much knowledge about the setup, working, and other technical hurdles of properly configuring proxy servers and VPN services, opting for web browser extensions based alternatives would be the best bet!

Some of the popular, trustworthy, and widely used web browser extensions for unblocking YouTube include Browsec, ZenMate, DotVPN, and Hola. These VPN browser extensions are common among the users because of the convenience and easiness to unblock YouTube.

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