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Use Proxy1122 Free Tool to Send Anonymous mail to anyone. You can send email to anyone from any address. Note: Email client may show warning or alert to receiver. Remember that you are responsible for emails you send using our service.

Password is "" without quotes.

To: (Email address to whom you are sending)
Fake From Email: (The email receiver will see)
Fake From Name: (Any name)
Reply to: (Where shoud receiver reply)
Subject: (Your Subject)
Message: (Your email body)
Password: (password is

Disclaimer: You are not allowed to use this services for any illegal activity. By sending a fake email or prank email you may be committing the offence of fraud even if you did not intended to. We are not liable for your emails you send at any time. Try not to do anything stupid or you will get banned. If you send death threats, abuse, slander or anything illegal we WILL publish your IP address and block you from this site.

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