Unblock sites at school, at work or on a public network using our zero-configuration proxy technology, lets defeat Internet censorship.

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Surf the Web without Being Blocked

Access your favorite website from around the world, safely, securely and without any cencorship. If you can access this site you can acess any site. We use special proxy engine to help you access all blocked content in matter of seconds without letting anyone notice you..

Unblock youtube and many other websites

If you just want to stay in tune with all your favorite YouTubers or just to listen to a songs, Our Web Proxy is the perfect platform to bypass internet restrictions and unblock YouTube anywhere in the world without requiring you to install nonsense software on your computer or phone.

Access Content Securely and Anonomously

If you just want to stay in tune with all your favorite YouTubers or just to listen to a songs, Our Web Proxy is the perfect platform to bypass internet restrictions and unblock YouTube anywhere in the world without requiring you to install nonsense software on your computer or phone.

More About Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are great way to unblock restricted content on web without getting in notice of Admin/ISP, they also enable you to surf web completely anonymously, so no one can know what exactly you are doing or browsing, as proxy content are encrypted so even ISP can't monitor your activity.

There are many type of proxy servers but the servers which people prefer most is web based proxy servers, because they are much easier to use and are available for free, just like other web proxy Servers our Proxy server is one of best you can get on web for free, here we make our all effort to save user from being tracked and also help them to deface censorship, once you started browsing on our site, no one even your internet provider can not see what actually you are browsing which means your are totally safe, we also use industry leading SSL algorithms to save your content from hackers and companies that are following you while remaining invisible.

In these days, the age of technology, we have access to not only physical content from books but all kinds of digital content which are in the reach of a google search right from our computers, such as videos, information, documents, books, and entertainment. All this information can be used for any purposes, may it be good or bad. However, in some cases, all this content will be restricted by the ISP, local administrator or company, effectively blocking the access to the pages that may provide these kinds of content. That’s where a proxy server (and Proxy1122) comes in.

What’s a proxy server?

A proxy serverr is a program or device that executes an action on behalf of other entity (In this case, the web-browser). It sits in between the user and the server, and catches all the requests that the user may generate to search, obtain and retrieve the content. A proxy server is the most popular (and one of the best) ways to remain anonymous on the web and unblock websites that may be inaccessible within normal circumstances. The proxy server acts and interacts with the user in this way: - A user requests some kind of content (Webpage, Video, Photo) through the proxy so it can be accessed in a safe manner. - The proxy server receives the request and uses one of the many IP’s that it may have at its disposal to request the content to the server. (this being the step that enables the user to operate in an anonymous manner) - The proxy server then receives the content, and it’s sent back to the user by the proxy itself. This way, the user avoids interacting with a restricted / prohibited website and also avoids detection, due to the content being requested with an IP that does not belong to the user in question, making him untraceable. Proxy servers are a great way to maintain yourself anonymised, and we, Proxy1122 provide this service in a non-complex manner to you, the user.

What’s Proxy1122

Proxy1122 is a website that acts as the gateway to internet freedom and liberty; It acts as a web proxy in between you, the user, and the server that can hold the content you may want to access, maintaining you safe in the whole process. With Proxy1122 you can unblock sites at school or work, so you can access pages that may be locally restricted, or you can use it on a public network for maintaining security and anonymity across all of your web browsing experience, all of this while using our zero-configuration proxy technology. Proxy1122 is a great option to use as a web proxy, due to our easy-to-use and intuitive web page which gives you options on what do you want to hide, encrypt or disable. It’s a great way to browse without boundaries or restrictions, effectively giving you the freedom that may have been taken from you unrightfully.

But why should I use a proxy server?

You should always (under all circumstances) use a web proxy if you want and feel the need to protect your identity on the internet, or if you feel someone may be tracking you and following your steps. Everybody has the right to protect themselves and their identity throughout the entire internet with effective, easy to use tools. You may also want to use proxy servers if you’re in countries like China or at work (or school), where many social media sites and popular web pages are restricted. A web proxy is the easiest and most straightforward way to get around these restrictions while not compromising your identity or online persona, which is our objective.

Precautions of using a proxy server

When using a proxy server you should always be aware of what you’re doing and know what you want to achieve with it. Don’t use it when you don’t need it, so you can liberate load from our servers. Also, you have to be aware that some pages will not allow you to connect and freely browse them from proxy servers, due to their protection system thinking that you may be an attacker or hacker. (Google is a good example) Some general rules for using a proxy server such as would be: - Don't share your credit card details using proxies, proxy owners may have control over that. - Only use it when you need it and keep your activity log safe (if your computer is periodically checked, you may want to delete the proxy-side activities form the history) - Meticulously choose what content you want to access, so you need less steps to reach the page you need. As a result, this reduces the security risks should you have someone tracking you.

What you can unblock?

With our free proxy use can unblock any site which comes under the label of legal sites, you can watch YouTube videos, use Facebook at work, watch Netflix movies and much more to do. Our site is provided free of charge to all users. We try to defeat censorship with this tool, which will be useful anytime you need anonymity on the web or unblock a web page at school or work so you can access the content you need. Let’s defeat internet censorship! So you want to surf anonymously online without fear of anyone tracking you, here is the best free proxy navigator that we build for the purpose to help people like you to access websites securely so no one know what you are doing, even webmaster of sites you're viewing are not able to track you while you browse through our proxy server, we have high-class encryption security (SSL) to ensure that your personal information remain safe from attackers/hackers, happy surfing online with a proxy brand working in this field for years. Apart from anonymous browsing you can also access blocked content that is limited only for specific Geolocation user and sites that are blocked by our Government/ISP. We are committed to provide you high-class security without pop ads, but you may see other ads as we have to pay our server bills and other expenses.

How do I unblock Blocked Sites using this Free Proxy Server?

We do prefer using this proxy to unblock any site. It is not any more difficult to use free proxy server as they are in past, just you have to enter restricted site URL in provided URL box and press Enter or Click Go, we will care for rest, all blocked sites are opened in seconds but sometimes it can take longer depending upon load on server. We have fastest servers in market that are capable of handling thousands of connections in seconds, so don't worry, you will never feel less speed, we are committed to provide you with fastest browsing experience, so you feel that you are browsing normally.

Should I use VPN or Web Proxy?

You may think to use free VPN but you should now that some shitty VPN can be hacked easily and anyone can control your PC and can get your sensitive data, so we recommend using online free proxy servers because they are more secure then free virtual private networks.

Why Free Proxy Server is better?

We are better than other free proxy servers in market, we have fastest servers and high capacity network to fulfill your needs, you will always feel safe while you are browsing through our servers, we protect your data using high-class security algorithms also we do not keep logs of what you do online, so this proxy is your way to anonymous world. Using our Proxy you can unblock any blocked site in second, for unblocking YouTube use this proxy and for unblock other sites you can use this proxy server.